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Winter Rules

Golf Club's Log • 4th Oct, 19 • 2 Comments


Hi All


 There has been in the past, a lot of confusion about the term “Preferred Lies in operation” or “Winter Rules” so hopefully this document can explain how it all works at Oaksey this winter: -


Q1.    What are Preferred Lies?

Preferred Lies are introduced by the Committee in conjunction with the Head Groundsman when the condition of the course is such that balls are plugging, picking up lumps of mud or there is standing water on the course.


Q2.    How does the rule work?

When Preferred Lies are in effect it means that you are able to mark your ball position with a tee or similar, pick up your ball, clean it and place it back within 6 inches (or length of your scorecard) of your tee peg but no nearer the hole.


Q3.    Does this apply all over the course?

Not normally it only covers fairways but at Oaksey historically we can suffer with waterlogging so when preferred Lies are in operation it covers the entire course including rough areas. This is called “Preferred Lies through the course” and when in operation you may mark, pick, clean and place your ball within 6 inches but no nearer the hole.


Q4.    How will I know if Preferred Lies are in operation?

There will be a poster in the clubhouse where you sign-in if Preferred Lies are in operation.


Q5.    Are competitions under Preferred Lies qualifying for Handicap purposes?

Basically yes, competitions under preferred lies do qualify for handicapping purposes unless there are temporary greens in operation. If you happen to play in say the weekly Stableford and the day you play, there are temporary greens in operation your score will still count in the competition, but your card must be marked with “Temporary Greens” and will not count towards any handicap adjustments.


Q6.    Why do temporary greens not qualify for handicaps?

When temporary greens are in use the course not only becomes significantly shorter but the hole cups are also far larger than standard.


Q8.    What happens when my ball lands in temporary water (a puddle) on the course?

If your ball lands in temporary water or you will have to stand in the puddle to play your ball you are able to take relief from this position. First mark your ball with a tee peg before you pick it up, you may clean the ball and then drop it from knee height either backwards or sideways until you are free from the water but using your tee peg as a reference you must not be any nearer the hole.


Q9.    What are “Hedgehogs”?

Oaksey Park has a local rule that all carts and trolleys must have hedgehog wheels fitted for the winter and will coincide with the introduction of Winter Rules. So, all trolleys must have Hedgehogs fitted to try and help against damage to the course. Hedgehogs are available on-line for all types of trolleys or please ask in the clubhouse where they should be able offer them for sale or offer advice.


Q10.    What happens about water in bunkers?

If your ball has landed in standing water in a bunker the same rules apply to temporary water on the fairway. You may mark the ball position with a tee, pick the ball up, clean and place back in the bunker in a position that is free from water again not nearer to the hole.


Q11.    What if there is no area free of water in the bunker?

The Head Groundsman should mark the bunker as G.U.R (Ground under repair) and you may then take a free drop out of the bunker on a line between where your ball was in the bunker and the flag stick. You may go back on that line as far as you want and drop your ball within 1 clubs length of that line without penalty.


Q12.    What about temporary water on a putting green?

If your ball is either in standing water, you will be standing in the water to play the ball or the water is between your ball and the hole itself you may move the ball to any position on the green that is no nearer to the hole. If for example ½ the green is covered in water and your ball is 10ft from the pin in the water then you may mark, pick and place your ball on the un-flooded half of the green again nowhere nearer to the hole for no penalty stroke.


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