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Frosty mornings = Temporary greens

Golf Club's Log • 28th Oct, 21 • 0 Comments


As the weather turns colder, we would just like to remind you what happens in the event of a frost.

Any time the temperature drops to 3°c or lower there is a risk of frost.

Unfortunately, if there is a frost the greens are too fragile to walk or play on.

To protect the greens we have to go on to temporary greens until the frost thaws.

We will always continually check the greens throughout the morning and we will move back to the regular greens as soon as it is safe.

Please note that as each green is in a different position with different degrees of shelter, exposure and shading from the morning sun. Some greens may still not be safe to walk on even if others are.

Always play to the flag.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to keep your course in top condition.

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