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COVID-19 Update

Golf Club's Log • 27th Mar, 20 • 0 Comments

Here is the latest update on the closure at Oaksey Park.



Our Policy From 24th March Still Stands

Golf Club's Log • 26th Mar, 20 • 0 Comments


It has worked very well so far and as long as it continues to provide our members, some of who are too scared to go to a public park, with a place to get their one permitted exercise a day without having to come into contact with others we will continue to allow them access.

Please see previous entry for details.

Please continue to keep yourselves updated and follow government advice.



Restrictions Update 24th March 2020

Golf Club's Log • 24th Mar, 20 • 0 Comments


After speaking to Wiltshire Council, other government officials and reading through guidance published by central government we have come to the follow decision.

The rules allow a person to leave the house for one of four reasons including the following;

"One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household.

Therefore members may still come and play as long…



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